Dean Ferris

Every Pro was once an Amateur and every Expert was once a Beginner”. This was no different for me. I started learning to ride at the age of four. Not with a coach or the intention to turn Pro, but with my dad and older brother Leeon and their passion for the outdoors. Unlike a lot of young kids who probably forget their childhoods because TV and computers consumed their lives or simply doing the same thing every day with lack of excitement, my childhood was quite the opposite. I grew up in a little cottage on a 1600-acre farm in the small town of Kyogle in north-eastern NSW surrounded by motocross and bush tracks. My childhood was nothing short of a wild adventure - one that I will never forget.

Year Event Placing
2015 MXGP World Championship 11th
2014 GP of Finland 5th
2013 GP of Qatar 2nd
2013 GP of Portugal 2nd
2013 GP of Finland 2nd
2013 GP of Belgium 1st
2013 MX2 world Championship 6th
2012 Spanish National 1 Round Win
2012 Finish National 2 Round Wins
2011 MX1 Championship 4th
2010 MX1 Championship 3rd
2008 MX2 Championship 4th
2007 Under 19’s 4th
Nickname The Kyogle Kid
Date of Birth 4th July 1990
Place of Birth Lismore, New South Wales, Australia
Favourite Track Wanneroo, Western Australia
Personal Sponsors Scott Goggles, Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort